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Born 27 October 1942 Valkenburg-Houthem , The Netherlands.
Grew up in Maastricht, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 1961-1965 (cum Laude).
Married to Elizé Bleys in 1962 (two children: Jim, in 1971 and Nadja, 1974).

Travels: Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East 1962-1972.
In 1969 participation in VIEUW ON NORTH AFRIKA, Museum voor Volkenkunde Rotterdam and the international exhibition of surrealism: ZWARTE ZON BLOEM IN OPSTAND (Black sun flower revolting) Kurhaus, Scheveningen .

In 1972: first solo-exhibitions Galerie 845 Amsterdam ; Felison Velzen and Museum Aemstelle, Amstelveen. Collaboration with meditation-center DE KOSMOS Amsterdam, makes here murals in commision of the city of Amsterdam. In 1973 moves with his family to the Spanish mountains (Altea La Vieja).

Collaboration with the magazines MOKSHA (Psychedelic bulletin) and BRUMES BLONDES (Bureau de Recherches Surrealistes en Hollande) . Connection with the international MOUVEMENTS PHASES of Edouard Jaguer. Many exhibitions with Phases in the coming years, the first in Lima, Peru 1973 and Bruxelles (Musee d'Ixelles) 1974. Publication of GESCHONDEN WOUD(Violated forest), lithographies with the poems of Laurens Vancrevel 1975.

Collective experiments in lithography: DRüKKERIJ DE SPATEL, Amsterdam 1973-1979.
Dutch governement grant in 1975 as a start of a ten year during investigation of the coral reefs of the Caribbean (ca. 1000 hours of diving), organises exhibitions of his work on all the islands of the Netherlands Antilles (SCUBA PAINTINGS).
1977 solo exhibitions Kunsthandel Brinkman Amsterdam and the Curaçaos Museum Willemstad Netherlands Antilles. Group-exhibitions with Galerie Bauma, Amsterdam : AKTUEEL SURREALISME ; Museum Fodor Amsterdam: MANIEREN VAN TEKENEN (Ways of drawing).
From 1977 on collaboration with the NEDERLANDSE KRING VAN TEKENAARS(Dutch Draughtsmans Circle) in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Included in THE IMAGERY OF SURREALISM by J.H.Matthews, USA 1977. Invited for the SYMPOSION FOR PAINTERS Karpacz and THE INTERNATIONAL DRAWING TRIENNALE WROCLAW, Poland in 1978. Participation to IMAGINATION, Internationale Ausstellung Bildnerischer Poesie, Museum Bochum, Germany in 1978.

Emigration to The Netherlands Antilles 1979-1982.
Publication of COBALT deepsea-poems 1980 and the FIRST DIVING GUIDE OF THE ISLAND BONAIRE 1981. Assistence to the construction of the BONAIRE MARINE PARK.
Lithographies for BARRAGE, poems of Peter Nijmeijer 1981.

Back in Amsterdam: solo-exhibitions with the galleries DE SELBY 1984-87 and LUMEN TRAVO 1985-94 ; participation to the manifestations of AORTA 1986 ; LOODS 6 1983-84 and HET FORD A/D DRECHT Uithoorn 1986-88. Congress INTERDICIPLINAIRY STUDIES IN CORALREEF RESEARCH, Leiden 1983. International exhibition SURREALISMO, organized by Mario Cesariny, Lisboa, Portugal 1984. Starts CARREFOUR, small handmade poetry editions.

From 1988 regular stays on the Caribbean island of SABA , assistence with the construction of the SABA MARINE PARK and exhibitions at the THE BREADFRUIT GALLERY . New motive: the rainforest, long stays in the jungles of the Caribbean and Indonesian islands.
Publication of the monography: RIK LINA PAINTINGS 1982-1989, Arthouse, Huizen 1989.

In 1989 included in the retrospective exhibition DE AUTOMATISCHE VERBEELDING, Nederlandse Surrealisten (The Automatic Imagination, Dutch Surrealists), Deurne, Leiden and Leewarden ; and in the accompanying Meulenhoff publikations.
Starts in 1990 the anarcho-surreal magazine in four languages: DROOMSCHAAR 1991-1995 (Scissors of dream) and the international, multi-cultural collective: COLLECTIVE AUTOMATIC PAINTING AMSTERDAM , many exhibitions and manifestations ( Paris, Hannover, Amsterdam, Poznan, London, Zielona Gora, Leiden, Wageningen, Orkeljunga, Leeuwarden, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo...)

From1991 on group and solo-exhibitions at the German Galerie 13 Hannover, group-exhibitions in Paris (PHOIBUS, HOURGLASS, FIBRE SURREALISTE en PHASES). In 1992 groups-shows in London (Bonham&Freely Fine Arts) and Paris (Galerie Actual).
Retrospective exhibition LATEINAMERIKA UND DER SURREALISMUS, Museum Bochum, Germany1993 ; PHASES DE PLANISPHERE, Bretagne 1994 and LOS LUGARES MARIVILLOSAS, Santiago de Chile en Valparaiso 1995.
Invited for the BIENAL DE PINTURA DEL CARIBE Y CENTROAMERICA, Museo de Arte Moderno Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 1996.

Participation in PHASES, SURREALISMO E CONTEMPORANEIDADE, symposion and exhibitions in the Museu de Arte Contemporânea, São Paulo, Brazil 1997. Exhibitions in Chili : COLEOPTEROS Santiago, Valparaiso1999 ; France: Or du Temps, Parijs 1998 ; the Netherlands Antilles: Willemstad, Curaçao 1997 ; and in The Netherlands: Haarlem 1997, Amsterdam 1998, Maastricht 1999. Included in the collections of the SBK.

In 2000, takes part in the expedition of the University of Makassar to the TAKA BONE RATA Achipelago, off Selayar, Indonesia. During 2001 residence at the FUNDACION KNECHT-DRENTH Callosa, Spain ; makes contact with FUNDACION EUGENIO GRANELL, Santiago de Compostela ; and FUNDACAO CUPERNICO DE MIRANDA, Famalicao, Portugal. These musea include works into their collections, also the MUSEUM BOCHUM, Germany.

From 2000 until 2003 Participation with the traveling exhibitions, organized by Arnost Budik, along musea of the Tjech Republic and Belgium: SURREALISME ET LIBERTE ; and the PHASES-exhibitions traveling in France: Arras (Centre Noirot), Mayenne and Saint Brieuc. Exhibition in honor of Wifredo Lam at the Cuban Cultural Centre in Amsterdam, publication of Sylvia Valdes article VLIEGKUNST EN TOEVAL(Vuelo y azar). 2003 Publication of HET PARALLELLE EILAND-Sabaanse Schetsen, with Laurens Vancrevel (Global Reflexions-Amsterdam).

During 2004 group exhibitions: AU BORD DE LA PENSEE, Bruxelles-Belgium. O SURREALISMO ABRANGENTE, Famalicao-Portugal

Scheduled for 2005 Fundacion Eugenio Granell, Santiago de Compostela, España.


LAURENS VANCREVEL (Het Parallelle Eiland, Amsterdam 2003) :
"Particular about Lina's 'living automatism' is that the stream of associations, necessairy for automatism is drawn from the festering forms of uncultivated nature. His drawings and paintings grant a new spiritual dimension to the art of landscape-painting. His plastic work gives a surprising vieuw on unexpected new vistas, 'as far as the eye can reach'."

SYLVIA VALDES (Vuelo y Hazar, Buenos Aires 2002):
"In spite of his Dutch descent, Rik Lina is a Latin American artist. Like his predecessor Wifredo Lam he succeeded showing-in the tropical and sub-tropical South into the center of Europe. He has transformated and decentralized the people of the North and of the West by reconciling them with a new culture and with new myths."

DAISY PECCININI DE ALVARADO (Phases - Surrealismo e Contemporaneidade, São Paulo 1997):
"His work include permutations, true symbiosis and greffages (term proposed by Edouard Jaguer: "To name the set of procedures, either from the deliberate purpose or from the effect of 'objective chance', grouping different elements in two or three dimensions, as also the modified or disturbed image for a physical or chemical intervention"). In Lina's works, these integrations are challenging, for they join opposite languages - formal constructive and mathematical elements with expressive and organic ones; histological structural insights with purely superficial and outward aspects, and a thoughtful symetrical arrangement concerning the weight of each language in the composition is out of the question.

EROS CONSTANTINI (Au bord de la pensée, Bruxelles 2004)
"From a frontier city, situated on the limits that leaves the artist far behind, he projects the search for the adventure that will open unforseen spaces. The frontier becomes place and condition from which to start other explorations, a dialectic of signs and representations intended to a consolidated thought in the arc of an indispensable information, to produce the "other". It is nourished from the metamorphosis of images, beyond those where the secret appears, without revealing itself. Time and space are expanded, dizzy perspectives open themselves, over canvasses inclining to disappear and deviate, to create a sort of mistery.

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